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Fishing Holidays ArrangedOur village has 2 lakes both measuring 90m x 40m and a 6km stretch of canal for fishing.

Within 15 minutes there are many other different sized public lakes, for which permits can easily be arranged.

Most lakes offer a varied stock of fish and permits allow 3 lines (including fly outfits) per person.

Between the 3rd week in March to mid September, local villages and sports clubs arrange fishing competitions. Held every week, theses competitions are usually at the weekend and anyone is welcome to enter. Entrance fees are usually around the £6 mark and the competition will usually last 4 to 5 hours. Only poles or rod and line outfits are used. Fly outfits are not allowed in these competitions.

The format of these competitions is somewhat unorthodox in that 2 hours before the start, a large lorry arrives at the lake and deposits between 200 and 400 kgs of farm reared trout into the lake so that the organisers can guarantee a well stocked lake for the competition. Bizarre but true!!!!
Needless to say those drawing pegs near the deposit point of the fish can almost guarantee a very busy couple of hours.

Prices for daily permits on local lakes or canals range from £2 -£8. (Our village lakes permit costs £2 per day).

Equipment, Ground bait, Live & Dead bait can all be purchased locally. With a favourable exchange rate most equipment is often a lot cheaper than in the U.K.

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